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UPFOS Cooperates with Tokopedia to Boost Indonesia's TOP 1 eCommerce Platform Forge Ahead.

Cooperation Summary:
  • UPFOS has established astrategic partnership of cooperation with Tokopedia for open API to bring unparalleled technological innovation to tens of millions of e-commerce sellers in Indonesia.
  • Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Tokopedia is the largest local comprehensive e-commerce platform in Indonesia. With its geographical advantages, perfect basic ecology, operation mode of easy to manage business, local operation and sinking market strategy, Tokopedia ranked first in the retail industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, with GMV accumulated US $11.7 billion in 2021. Currently , Tokopedia has become the most popular local e-commerce platform in Indonesia.
  • The products are diverse and cost-effective because online sellers and customers come from all over Indonesia, reaching 99% districts across, and cover many categories electronic 3C, fashion clothing, mom and baby, furniture decoration, e-coupons and tickets, etc.
  • There is no charge for starting your business at Tokopedia’s marketplace and the consumers can sell products directly. That’s why so many active local Indonesian users are being attracted to join in e-commerce which made the number of online sellers rapidly soar from 7 million to over 10 million last year, and the sales of 70% sellers had increased nearly 133%.
  • Tokopedia has most visits in Indonesia’s e-commerce platforms, with over 100 million monthlyvisits, over 100 million monthly actives, and 940 million monthly views. Tokopedia also has more than 6 million followers on Facebook.
  • The launch of TokoCabang, Tokopedia’s unique delivery service, solves logistics and distribution problems for sellers. It allows online merchants to store their products in a portable network of fulfillment centers, which connects with various logistics partners and then helps sellers with successful delivery to consumers. At present, 13 logistic partners are available, merchants can choose which logistic options they prefer. The logistics services cover 93% areas of Indonesia, and 90% of the products can be delivered on the same day or within one day.
  • Various marketing strategies are provided in the platform, such as paid advertisingfor keywords, free of mail activities, Tokopedia Play with live broadcast for selling, etc, which offer a lot of convenience for sellers.
  • Fintech products and many supporting features are available to help grow online stores, such as Power Merchant, which sellers can use to help increase sales and customercredibility. Through this kind of special membership, sellers could get special access to a variety of proprietary features, such as free shipping, store coupons, broadcast messages, and more.
  • Not long ago, Tokopedia and Gojek, a ride-hailing software and payment giant in Indonesia, finalized a merger agreement to form a new company called GoTo. Tokopedia would get logistics resources and financial support from Gojek to jointly build a comprehensive ecosystem.The combination is called largest corporate partnership between Internet and service companies in Indonesia, even in Asia.
Cooperation benefits:
  1. UPFOS has leading product & research team with more than 10-year ERP system experience from TOP companies. The periodically optimized and updated versions for Indonesia market development constantly meet all diversified needs of retail business online & offline.
  2. After UPFOS connecting with Tokopedia, the batch orders of platform can be easily processed, shipping labels, package lists and invoices can be printed at once. While facing mass orders, wave-print features is more applicable, which is able to print 500 orders at once and filter the orders based on priority and needs.
  3. Dynamically analyze consumer behavior to select valued customers, to provide precision marketing and loyalty program, such as SMS Whats-up APP and direct email, and finally to improve the customer retention.
  4. Provide SMS,WhatsApp,email and other precision marketing for platform sellers to improve the conversion rate and repurchase rate.And analyze the purchase behavior of customers, and select out the high-quality customer groups.
  5. Real-time inventory data update for stores, and automatical inventory alert for restock or overselling.

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