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The successful connection of UPFOS and Tiki is very encouraging for the Largest E-commerce Platform in Vietnam

 Cooperation Summary:

  • Tiki has reached a strategic cooperation with UPFOS about open API to bring better online store management experience for e-commerce sellers in Vietnam, and promote the development of e-commerce in Vietnam together.
  • Founded in 2010, Tiki is the leading B2C e-commerce platform in Vietnam.From the beginning of distributing books online, it has developed into a diversified online market composed of online selling, operation centers and logistics networks.Items on sale include toys, digital equipment, books, fashion and beauty, daily necessities and etc. Tiki has made remarkable achievements in Vietnam with its outstanding customer service, reliable logistics, warehousing partnerships, and various products. As a professional e-commerce ERP management software, UPFOS has so many experiences of digging deep in Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms for many years that it could provide strong and efficient support and help for the whole process management of the on-line stores. The successful connection will surely influence Vietnam’s e-commerce in a better way.

Platform advantages:

1.Top one local platform in the Vietnam

Tiki has maintained high triple-digit growth for the past seven years, which has advanced at three times of the rate in the industry. There are more than a dozen categories and more than 300,000 different sorts of products in the platform, and the annual sales value of the products can reach nearly 240 million US dollars, which makes Tiki become the fastest developing B2C retail e-commerce enterprise in Vietnam.

2.Solid customer base

As a pure local e-commerce platform, Tiki has a good reputation among Vietnamese consumers. It has the lowest returns  and the highest customer satisfaction in Vietnam. The total consumption of women over 24 is increased rapidly and gradually becoming the main force of e-commerce customers in the huge local traffic by their strong purchasing power.

3.The largest e-commerce logistics network in China

More than ten warehousing centers were set up, covering cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Juque, Da Nang, Haiphong and Yha Trang, and 80% of the Vietnamese online sellers would choose Tiki’s storage center.

4.Self-built end delivery with fast timeliness and high quality

Tiki has a mature self-established logistics system and complete supporting services such as telephone reminder. It controls the whole process with a high delivered rate. The originated “two-hour express” logistics delivery service TikiNow has covered 80% of online sellers.

5.Convenient to enter in and supported by the Chinese team

The review time for entry is short and the platform has staff speaking Chinese, any problems can be timely responded.

Cooperation benefits:

  1. After UPFOS connecting with Tiki, the batch orders of platform can be easily processed, shipping labels, package lists and invoices can be printed at once. While facing mass orders, wave-print features is more applicable, which is able to print 500 orders at once and filter the orders based on priority and needs.
  2. Accelerate conversion rate by easily setting up various of promotion scenarios, such as buy X get Y, mystery box, or surprising free gifts with minimum purchase, etc. Customize marketing strategy to help sellers to retain the customers and generate their repurchase.
  3. Real-time control the operation state of the platform through detailed and accurate data by your PC or mobile APP, and visual reports can be easily imported and exported. Monitor and analyze all sales data, including orders, after-sales, purchase, inventory, etc to expand the marketing strategy in one dashboard.

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