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Qoo10 Glows in the Cooperation with UPFOS

 Cooperation Summary:

  • Qoo10, an old e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, opens the API for UPFOS to help online sellers in many regions and markets to manage stores more easily and improve the operation efficiency of the whole process.
  • Founded in Singapore in 2010, Qoo10 is the largest e-commerce platform in Singapore and one of the most mature localized B2C platform in Southeast Asia. At present, it has one global market and seven local markets in six countries and regions, including South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Singapore and Japan, and has become a very popular e-commerce platform in these territories.

Platform Advantages:

  1. A major feature of Qoo10 is paying in Seven-Eleven, which could provide a convenient payment method for buyers without credit cards
  2. No need to hire experts to help improve the store rankings due to ample traffic, 6.65 million monthly visits and mostly coming from natural search. All sellers need to focus on is to make sure that the products could be searched by the customers.
  3. The platform has a wide variety of products with low price and high profits, including 3C, fashion clothes, beauty, food & beverage tickets and etc.
  4. No charge for stores registration and products listing.
  5. Live 10, the instant messaging software, could help sellers communicate and contact with customers.
  6. Qoo10 Sales Manager assists with tracking orders, product listing and shipping, and the platform has own logistics – Qexpress.

Cooperation Benefits:

  1. UPFOS can emphasize sellers ’ business easily and efficiently by unifying all sales channels , especially for the sellers have multiple stores, just through one UPFOS systemwhich has the features of one-stop management and multi-platforms synchronization.
  2. UPFOS synchronizes data with all connected systems & platforms anytime anywhere.
  3. Automatically download products from multi-platforms to system and duplicate product lists form one to many other platforms and stores.Mass uploading the products lists to various platforms with one click in one dashboard with UPFOS.

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