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Popular product categories on e-marketplaces in Indonesia.


Indonesia is an emerging and growing consumer market. With a population of over 260 million, Indonesia has an average annual per capita ecommerce spend of $344, which is still growing gradually.

Up to now, Indonesia’s eCommerce market is the biggest in Southeast Asia, which is driven by a large population with a rising middle class and lower poverty, and the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing even more shoppers online and changed purchase behaviour. 

  Knowing the size of the market can help with your store expansion plans, but knowing Indonesians’ product preferences can really take your online sales campaigns one step further.It’s worth checking out the stores on popular online shopping websites to see which ones might best suit your product in terms of traffic volume, competition and the type of e-commerce buyers that they attract., To learn how to expand in this market, you should know what the top products and categories for Indonesian ecommerce buyers:  
In 2020, the most popular product categories on online marketplaces according to Indonesian online shoppers were home and living, beauty and care, women clothes, mobile and accessories, and health ranked among the top thirty categories. 
The main reasons why consumers purchased online were that online stores usually provide more promotions, products authenticity and a varied selection/ wider selection of products. However, in a recent survey, there are some Indonesian respondents stated that they worried about not being able to trust the quality or the description of the product when shopping online. They prefer to buy the products offline to authenticate the products, especially for mobile and electronics purchases.
Above all, offering products from these categories and proving the quality of them may help you establish your presence on Indonesia e-commerce market and give you a headstart and a lot of loyal customers. It’s also important to constantly research and monitor eCommerce trends and laws. Factors like culture, religion, and trade policies affect the country’s eCommerce industry, which makes expert local knowledge vital. The growth process is being further accelerated, and the e-commerce sector is now expected to become one of the leading industries in Indonesia in the following years.

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