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Official Announcement! UPFOS Connects with JD to Push for the Advancement of JD ID and JD CENTRAL Together

 Cooperation Summary:

  • UPFOS has successfully connected with JD e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia: JD.ID and JD.CENTRAL by reaching a strategic cooperation with JD. Now, advanced technical support has been provided for JD e-commerce development and the store operation of online sellers in Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • JD.ID and JD.CENTRAL belong to one of the largest online stores in Asia ( With strong resource support and mature operation experience of JD, the two platforms have developed extremely rapidly. At present, both have carvedout a space in the local market, and the scale is increasing with their days.

Platform advantage-JD.ID

  1. JD Indonesia went intoofficial operation from 2015 with an independent APP (JD.ID), which is the first stop for JD to deploy in the Southeast Asian market. In 2019, it cooperated with Gojek, the largest local life service platform. Now JD.ID has become the seventh unicorn in Indonesia, which is valued about $1 billion.
  2. The platform has more than 30 million registered users and focuses on guarantee of genuine products. The main categories cover watch & accessories, beauty, fashion clothes, electronic 3C, home appliances, etc. The platform is aimed at mid-to-high-end young consumers, with male users in the majority.
  3. Drawing on its domestic experience, JD has built its own warehousing system in Indonesia. At present, there are 11 warehousing and logistics centers with a total area of more than 30,000 square meters, which can extend theservice to more than 400 cities in Indonesia. At the same time, self-built logistics covers the whole region of Indonesia by tens of thousands of motorcycles, thousands of vans, hundreds of trucks and more than 100 stations around most Indonesian cities. 85% of orders can be delivered by 24h, and 98% of orders in Jakarta can be delivered by 24h.The idea of “today’s order arrive the next day” was applied to Indonesia where infrastructure is widely criticized.
  4. A 24 hours customer service center was set up to guarantee customer satisfaction

Platform advantage-JD.CENTRAL

  1. JD.CENTRALbegan official operations in September 2018, which is an online retail platform jointly built by JD Group and Thailand Shangtai Group (Central Group), created a brand new e-commerce ecosystem with an independent APP (JD CENTRAL). The platform currently receives more than 10 million views per month.
  2. Total investment of JD Thailand station was as high as $500 million, which uses wisdom logistics, AI artificial, big data and other advanced technology to constantly drive business innovation. JD.CENTRAL launched several business modules such as proprietary, POP, B2B, logistics, financial and so on to provide customers with perfect services and full categories of products including computers, mobile, electronics, furniture appliances, food & beverage, beauty & health, fashion clothes, mom & kid, sports outdoor, etc.
  3. JD.CENTRAL also provides one-stop brand solutions to achieve full coverage of logistics, agent operation, after-sales and promotion. The platform is popularfor mainly local Thai users aged 19-35 with a customer unit price of about 400 RMB and many male users with high purchasing power and repurchase rate.
  4. The logistics network covers Thailand by three overseas warehouses in Chiang Mai, Kong Jing and Bangkok. 100% of the delivery covers all of Thailand in only 2-5 days and local orders in Bangkok could be delivered just the next day after placed.

Cooperation benefits:

  1. UPFOS can emphasize sellers’ business easily and efficiently by unifying all platforms,especially for the sellers have multiple stores on both JD platforms or more, just through one UPFOS system which has the features of one-stop management and multi-platforms synchronization.
  2. UPFOS synchronizes data with all connected systems & platforms anytime anywhere.
  3. Automatically download products from multi-platforms to system and duplicate product lists form one to many other platforms and stores.Mass uploading the products lists to various platforms with one click in one dashboard with UPFOS.
  4. Instantly handle messages from muti-platforms and stores in one dashboard through our UPFOS Chat Tool, and set up alert messages from customers so that the important information won’t be missed. Help to increase the response rates and customers’ satisfaction.

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