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J&T, Indonesia's largest express company, and UPFOS are joining forces to build a better future in e-commerce.

Project Summary: J&T and UPFOFS are now cooperating in a strategic alliance to achieve market growth in Southeast Asia and to provide eCommerce customers with better services. J&T was founded in Aug. 2015 in Indonesia. It is the first logistics company based on technological advances and focuses on internet logistics. Its business spans from express shipping, express freight, storage, supply chain, etc., providing same-city, domestic and international services in 8 countries: China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, and Singapore, for over 2 billion customers around the world. It has over 60 thousand employees. With order volume reaching over 3 million, dispatching and receiving packages reaching over 55 million monthly and 700 million annually, J&T is currently the logistics company with the top 1 order volume in Indonesia and top 2 in the Southeast Asia market.  As of Jan. 2021, J&T has over 240 large-scale transshipment centers globally, 600 sets of smart picking devices, 8000 self-owned vehicles, 23000 store locations, 350 thousand employees.
UPFOS Features: 1.SN/IMEI code managing strategy. Synchronization of inventory across multiple stores, real-time data monitoring, intelligent stock management. 2.Real-time stock status access, flexible stock alert configuration, avoid overstock and stockouts. 3.Warehouse location planning, optimizing storage workflows. 4.Optimizing picking routes, improving warehouse efficiency. 5.Package splitting and merging mechanism help saving logistics costs. 

Project Updates:


1. Yongyou, K3 system integration, unifying accounting and tax systems.


2.Integrating TTX, EME, JD, Qimen etc, unifying warehouse management systems.

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