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For Southeast Asian sellershow can you improve the order management, inventory management, multi-platform management, store data analysis, promotion management, etc.,upfos ERP should be your best choice.

In recent years, e-commerce have been a hot topic. Since the European and American online business markets are crowded with Chinese sellers, and the competitiveness among them become more and more seriousmany Chinese Sellers have turned their attention to the Southeast Asian market. According to the “2021 Southeast Asia Internet Economy Report” jointly conducted by Google and Beibei,In 2021, the number of Internet users from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other six countries has increased by 40 millionwhich is a year-on-year increase of 10%. The total number will reach 440 millionand 75% of the population from the six countries have access to the Internet. In 2021, the digital economy market in Southeast Asia will reach US$174 billion, and is expected to exceed US$360 billion in 2025, and may even reach US$700 billion to US$1 trillion by 2030. Therefore, in recent years, the Southeast Asian e-commerce market has become the top-choice for many e-commerce platforms, and it is also a blue ocean market that many cross-border sellers cannot miss when conducting online sales business. There are many local e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, of which Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia are the largest players in the region, with the three platforms accounting for almost the majority of the Southeast Asian market.

Now many beginning sellers are rushing to seize the Southeast Asian market, which leads to various operational problems one after another. Market, platform, capital, products,web flow , each factor is particularly important. At present, there are many operational problems reported by  beginning sellers, such as product selection and publication, order delivery, product management, warehouse optimization management, supply chain management, after-sales customer service, etc. For multi-platform sellers, it is necessary to take into account multiple platforms at the same time. The management of orders and customers on the platform is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the cost of human and material resources is greatly increased.

In response to the above operational needs, UPFOS ERP, which is deeply involved in the cross-border e-commerce service industry in Southeast Asia, provides a new one-stop solution for sellers in the Southeast Asian market to solve all the above difficulties at the same time. UPFOS is a one-stop SaaS e-commerce retail management system dedicated to helping global e-commerce operators become successful online sellers. UPFOS connects 10+ mainstream e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia–Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, akulaku, tiki, and many other mainstream platforms in Southeast Asia, and supports independent station store management. Upfos provides an integrated platform for multi-platform sellers to access and manage all data , easily operate all operational processes.

UPFOS has a strong local advantages, with branches all over Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia with local operation service teams, no matter what country you are in, you can access UPFOS. And it fully solves your time zone, multi-language, multi-currency and other diversification issues and problems. Not only that, UPFOS also has rich experience in the operation of famous brands, and has a good cooperative relationship with Jet Commercethe top enabler company in south ease Asia. We work together to provide customized service for many international brands, such as OPPO/REALME/VIVO/COLGATE/LANCOME. In terms of logistics and warehousing, we have in-depth cooperation with 100+ local warehousing companies such as J&T Express and J&T international , and have very rich local distribution resources.

In addition, UPFOS has always been practicing the mission of “helping local e-commerce sellers in Southeast Asia to successfully complete intelligent management, achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase, and rapid development”, providing multi-platform, multi-store, multi-warehouse, multi-brand and diversified management solutions.  Committed to making Southeast Asian e-commerce sellers easier and more efficient, UPFOS is a platform that provides thousands of possibilities for Southeast Asian e-commerce sellers. UPFOS is becoming the first choice of management tools for local e-commerce sellers in Southeast Asia!

For sellers who want to join the cross-border e-commerce industry, you might pay more attention to the Southeast Asian market. Nowadays, cross-border e-commerce is unpredictable. Today’s blue ocean market may become a hot market tomorrow. So the most important thing for sellers now is to grasp market opportunities, do market analysis and strategies well, and create the most returns in the best times. From a beginner to a big seller, you only need one UPFOS! – Free trial for 3 months for a limited time, click “Free Demo” now.

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