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Taxi-hailing, New Service of Shopee in Indonesia

Shopee Indonesia is offering a new feature, Taksi, in partnership with the country’s leading taxicab firm, Blue Bird Group. The feature allows users to hail taxi rides straight from the Shopee app and settle the fare with ShopeePay. Shopee is currently offering several discounts and promotions for the service.

The Blue Bird e-hailing feature on Shopee has two types of vehicles at the moment: including the regular Blue Bird taxi and Blue Bird Van for bigger groups. It is Interesting that customers can actually use Shopee Coins to offset the price of their taxi rides.

This isn’t the first time that Shopee and Bluebird have collaborated together. Shopee has established a partnership with Blue Bird in August to form a logistics service called BirdKirim, where users can send and receive parcels on demand. Also, customers who book rides through the MyBlueBird app can make payments using ShopeePay.

Ride-hailing is a critical component of a super app. By tapping into Blue Bird’s fleet of taxis, Shopee is demonstrating its move to become the next super app in Indonesia after two companies: the regional giant, Grab as well as the hometown unicorn, Gojek. They dominate the ride-hailing market of Indonesia, which is forecasted to be worth US$5.6 billion (~RM23.6 billion) by 2025. While Grab is not a top e-Commerce player in Indonesia, it is the biggest ride-hailing company in the region. Grab’s a super app already offers multiple services apart from ride-hailing. They include food delivery, wallet services, and others.

However, compared to apps like Gojek, Grab, and Traveloka, which all have relatively clean designs for their user interfaces, Shopee’s homepage looks dazzling, with hundreds of product displays and promotions, making it easy to miss new features that are added to the page.

Shopee has services to address almost all regular needs for urbanites, including online shopping, food delivery, grocery shopping, transportation, hotel reservations, as well as purchasing train and flight tickets.

For now, Shopee’s marketplace will likely remain its core service. It is unclear whether Shopee will launch a motorbike-hailing service in the future. However, since the firm already has a fleet of drivers and couriers for ShopeeFood and ShopeeExpress, motorbike-hailing seems like a viable option.

Meanwhile, it is not known at the moment if Shopee will roll out the ride-hailing feature in other markets. Given what just happened in Indonesia, we now at least know that the company has the technical capability to deliver ride-hailing service within its app.


Shopee rolls out taxi-hailing service in Indonesia in partnership with Blue Bird – KrASIA,

by Khamila Mulia 

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