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Sendo Cooperates with UPFOS to Become Vietnam's Largest E-commerce Platform

 Cooperation Summary:

Sendo has completed the connection with UPFOS to provide better service to all Vietnamese online sellers and strives to become TOP 1 e-commerce platform in Vietnam, and enables Vietnam’s e-commerce scrambling to the pinnacle of Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2012, Sendo is an affiliate of the software group – FPT Corporation, who owns VnExpress, the largest online news site net in Vietnam. As one of the earliest e-commerce companies, Sendo grows rapidly with more than 500,000 sellers on the platform and over 17 million SKU , serving more than 12 million consumers in all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam.It has become the fourth largest e-commerce retailer and e-commerce platform in Vietnam.

Platform advantages:

  1. Sendo operates both business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) models, whose strategy is to serve  everyone in Vietnam, not only high-income consumers in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. About 67% of the orders come from second-tier cities and remote areas, where development potential is very huge.
  2. As Vietnam’s online payment tools is developing, Sendo supports COD through its delivery company – Vietnam Post, which has built a good relationship with customersbased on trust.
  3. Sendo focuses on low and medium price products, including clothes and household appliances, which meet the needs of most online customers for cheap necessities, and a great number of loyal users accumulated in this way..
  4. There is no charge or commission for opening stores on Sendo. Instead, several advertising modes are available for sellers to pay to attract customers.

Cooperation benefits:

  1. Provide SMS,WhatsApp,email and other precision marketing for platform sellers to improve the conversion rate and repurchase rate.And analyze the purchase behavior of customers, and select out the high-quality customer groups.
  2. Accelerate conversion rate by easily setting up various of promotion scenarios, such as buy X get Y, mystery box, or surprising free gifts with minimum purchase, etc.Customize marketing strategy to help sellers to retain the customers and generate their repurchase.
  3. Real-time control the operation state of the platform through detailed and accurate data by your PC or mobile APP, and visual reports can be easily imported and exported.
  4. Monitor and analyze all sales data, including orders, after-sales, purchase, inventory, etc to expand the marketing strategy in one dashboard.

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