Privacy Policy


Upfos is committed to protecting all important data and information of all users. We applied the best and the newest technology and also do back-up regularly to guarantee the safety of all users’ data. Upfos never propagates or sells user’s information to other parties outside the company.


Upfos is using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and ensures each communication that happened between the user and Upfos as well as all sensitive information containing email, password, etc are well encrypted, which means no one can have an access to see or hear all the conversations.

We guarantee that only certain parties that have a right to see the data and onlu under certain conditions, such as when activating and disabling the service and/or providing and adding the product service. We are using Alibaba Cloud services to provide the best experience for our users and protect user’s data.

Upfos has right to modify and update the Privacy Policy at any time to adjust with the applicable law and regulations that are applied and current industry trends.


Terms & Conditions

All the Terms and Conditions which explained below will be applied after User starts accessing the UPFOS services. UPFOS has the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with the advice and criticism from the user. By Registering to UPFOS services usage, user has aware of reading, understanding, and agreeing with all of the Terms and Conditions and UPFOS has authority to act on behalf of anyone that has been registered to user the Service. UPFOS has the right to change the Terms & Conditions to adjust with the applicable law and regulations that are applied.

System Usage

Upfos give the User rights to access and use UPFOS service through the website User has the responsibility to determine who can access as user, user’s role, and right to access certain data or information the user has. User has responsibility to access the service, withdraw, or change the user’s access level for any reason, everywhere, and anytime.

Restrictions of use

User is obliged to maintain the username and password well to be able to access UPFOS services properly and confidentially. User is obliged to inform UPFOS if the account (username and password) is used by the other parties or without the authorized from the user so UPFOS can reset the password immediately to ensure all data and the safety of the system are protected. User is prohibited to perform actions that are not permitted by UPFOS, such as: Undermine the UPFOS service system or network and computer system when it is used by either personally or by the third party. Using UPFOS services for bad intentions for send or insert any kind of file that can cause harm to the services, system, website, or may interfere with system activity or performance for the users when using the service. Input any kind of data, information, or images with the intention to insult any parties and potentially violates the law. Input any kind of data, information, or images that have official license, trademark or commercial in confidence which the user does not have any consent and right to use.

Data Ownership & Privacy

Each party have responsibilities to protect the data privacy and safety which considered as an important and confidential. The parties are not allowed to share any kind of sensitive data and information for personal advantages to anyone without any written consent.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property and ownership that earned from the Services, Website, and Documentation relate to the services will stay at as a UPFOS property. All intellectual property and ownership inside the are the property of the user. UPFOS has right to terminate user access when the service fees are not paid in full or the service is not renewed by the user. UPFOS has right to use, copy, send, save, and back-up user information and data for the purpose to help user to use UPFOS’s services or for any other reason related to the provision of services. UPFOS complies with any applicable policies and implements a strict procedure to prevent data loss, but UPFOS does not guarantee that there will be data loss.


In any conditions, UPFOS is not responsible for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, punitive, or any loss or damage with the business losses, business interrupton, computer failure, loss of business information, or other losses arising out of or caused by your use or inability to use the service, although UPFOS has known about the possibility of such damages.


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