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Have online stores on Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia? Get sales traffic from Facebook!

If you are running online stores in southeast Asian marketplace,you’d better know Facebook marketing.Today, let’s take a look at how to use the foreign social media platform Facebook and how to effectively get customers traffic.

At present, the number of Facebook users is close to 2.1 billion, and 47% of global Internet users use Facebook. And buyers in southeast asian market spend around 2-3 hours a day on social media networks, most of which is done on mobile.And on average, The users in Thailand log into Facebook every day!

Now, let’s turn in three basic ways for traffic growth on Facebook.

  1. Facebook Business Homepage

1) When you build a homepage, you must first clarify the purpose of the homepage, whether to promote the store or promote products; whether you want to interact with fans or attract new fans; then go to create a homepage.

2) In terms of content, there are many forms of presentation, which can be combined with pictures and texts, or you can send video dynamics. Before the content is released, you can predict the quality of the content and whether it can attract everyone’s attention. You can also put your own content. Live updates are posted to turn the account into a “live” account.

3) To motivate your fans, you can initiate different activities, and fans will respond positively after commenting on the post.

4) If you feel that the quality of the content is very good, and you can promote it appropriately to get more traffic.

5) If you don’t know how to post content in the early stage, or you don’t have a precise location for your account, you can learn from accounts with large traffic. After the other party agrees, you can forward it to your homepage.

6) Do a good job in attracting traffic through multiple channels. After the fan page is established, you must find ways to increase the number of fans.

  1. KOL – Influencer Marketing

The most important thing in influencer marketing is to find influencers to do the right marketing. So you need to do the following:

1) To do influencer marketing, you need understand influencer marketing on the Internet.

2) Are these people really popular in the industry? The Influencers can be judged by the number of followers, the number of posts, the number of likes and reposts, and the content of the posts.

3) After cooperation, close communication should be made, and attention should be paid to the effect. The shortcomings should be improved at any time, and the good ones should be retained.

4) It has to be said that the more responsible the influencers are, the better the effect is, so we need to find the influencers who are responsible for the fans.

  1. Advertising

In the early stage, when there are no fans or the traffic is relatively low, you can try the following methods.

1) Advertising, you can use website links and other methods to promote 2) Facebook can accurately target the age, gender, hobby, location, mobile phone model, operating system, network environment, etc. of the advertising audience 3) Make sure that the content, pictures and titles of the advertisements can attract the audience.  4) Stop the ads that do not perform well in time 5) Make a budget and track the effect of ads

Summary: The drainage of off-site platforms is a long-term process of accumulating fans. You need to persevere to publish your own news on the platform. After a long time, users will think that you have certain insights in this field, and will pay special attention to your products, and then go to the corresponding platform, like Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia to search for your store.


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