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8 Essential Tools for Instagram Marketing


(1)Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram launched Shoppable Posts, allowing users to tag and buy products simply and directly from Instagram. To sell on Instagram, the Instagram account must be converted to a business profile and connected to the Facebook directory, created and managed on Business Manager.

(2)Instagram Stories Shoppable Stickers

Shoppable Stickers is a tool that makes it easier for merchants to sell products through Instagram Stories. Businesses can apply stickers to physical products, as well as images and videos.

(3)Curalate Like2Buy

Like2Buy is a tool from Curalate that does this by generating links in a user’s bio. When fans click on it, they are taken to Like2Buy to buy products, read stories and more.

(4)Shop Social

Shop Social helps fans find your products in Instagram photos and click to buy. Tag multiple products to your posts, direct all your Instagram visitors to your URL or integrate your Instagram feed to your website.


With Postcart, you can turn any Instagram post into a shoppable product, or your Instagram feed into a shoppable website.


InstaOrders is an easy-to-use tool that quickly turns your Instagram feed into a shoppable store. Log in to your Instagram account, upload your photos, and your store will sync with Instagram.


Inselly is an Instagram platform that brings together all of Instagram’s sale offers to search, sort and buy. Sellers can easily open their own store and create purchasable items.


With Soldsie, merchants can sell products to consumers on Instagram in two ways. First, merchants can upload photos and descriptions to the Soldsie dashboard, post to Instagram or Facebook, and fans can then buy by typing “sold” into a product’s review. After leaving a comment, the customer will receive an invoice to complete the purchase.

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